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All this Personal Branding and Purpose talk starting to sound like another language?
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to bring clarity to your personal brand journey.

Knowledge empowerment is the quickest path to accelerated growth and impact.  We wholeheartedly believe in the POWER OF KNOWING.

Personal Branding FAQs

YOU – your expertise, your passions, your stories, your lessons learned, your uniqueness – are a Personal Brand. Your brand can be simplified as how people perceive you – but it runs much deeper than that.
You are a brand; whether you are profiting from it as a business or not, your personal brand exists. To be successful in today’s digital world, you need to show up online and have a profile that speaks to who you are, what you believe in, what you stand for, and what you are offering to the world.
For a Personal Brand to be impactful and effective, it must speak about your vision and Purpose; only then will it be authentic.
While branding in the past has been about business brands in today’s modern business era, brand building and branding have extended to the individual or Personal Brand. The digital age, social media, and TedTalks made it possible for everyone to be seen and heard and to become internet famous.

Everyone has a digital footprint on the internet. Google yourself. What shows up? Does it reflect who you are and what you stand for?

With Personal Branding, you can cultivate and define your brand and build a platform to be seen and heard. Personal Brands provide an opportunity for your to monetize your passions and make a difference in the world.

How you show up in Google search results matters.  What do people see when they Google your name?  Do you show up on the first page of the results?  How do you show up? More importantly, how do you want to show up?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then it is time for you to Google YOU. We all search for businesses, stories, and people online. Why would we assume that no one is Googling us? Try seeing what comes up in your Google search results when you search you! 

Read this blog article to learn more. – Have you ever Googled yourself?


To refine that a little more, anyone who is interested in defining their online profile and building a platform to make real connections and share their Purpose with the world.

    • Those professionals on a career path
    • Start-up companies wanting to gain more market share, quicker
    • People starting a new business and wanting faster growth
    • Entrepreneurs
    • C-Suite Executives
    • Senior Level Management
    • All employees of an organization
    • Thought-leaders
    • Change-makers, those with a larger cause as a Purpose
    • Business owners
    • Knowledge brokers with online courses
    • Authors and creative types
    • Celebrities
    • And, of course, influences
    • Have we missed anyone? Yes, all college students, wanting to achieve greatness in their lives.

“People Brands” is another phrase for Personal Brands. At TruBrand, we use the two interchangeably to describe the purpose-driven brands of individuals.

YES! No matter who you are, or how small you think your voice is, you already have a Personal Brand that is worth recognition and profit. All you need to do is capitalize on your passions and talents by aligning them with Purpose.

YES, most definitely.

A Personal Brand is the best way to manage an executive’s reputation and elevate their profile.  It is the fastest and most effective way to share their beliefs, values, vision, and Purpose.

study by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research provided these insights:

  • An estimated 44 percent of a company’s market value can be directly linked to the CEO’s reputation
  • When a CEOs has a positive brand reputation the following uptick in engagement is estimated:
    • investors (87 percent),
    • positive media attention (83 percent),
    • crisis protection (83 percent),
    • [the ability to] attract prospective employees (77 percent),
    • and retain employees (70 percent).

Other takeaways to consider to be a part of the emerging trend of the rise is Personal Brands:

  • 60% of CEOs lack a personal brand
  • A leader’s most important job is to connect people to their purpose
  • Business leaders believe as a majority in purpose-driven upcoming era
  • Gen Z reportedly 75% say they are motivated to work by making positive change/purpose – – they’re the next workforce
  • Purpose is a way to hold brands accountable

A Personal Brand (Micro Brand) is about YOU. While you may own or be connected to a Professional Brand or your Business Brand (Macro Brand), this does not define your Personal Brand.  Unless you are a celebrity, the Macro Brand is about the organization and, for the most part, is faceless.  A Personal Brand gives you the opportunity to add a face to your business, show WHO you are, and make real connections with your clients and customers.

Personal Brands become a high-performing brand asset for the Professional or Business Brand.

Your Personal Brand, as well as igniting and aligning the Personal Brands of your employees, helps your business connect more deeply on a human level. In the modern market, an emotional connection with your customers is essential for success. When Personal Brands also align within your company, each employee becomes a new channel to market.

Building a Personal Brand allows you to curate the person the world and monetize your expertise and passion. By creating an online profile that is true to you and your Purpose, you can achieve accelerated business and career growth.

List of benefits gained by building a personal brand:

  • Personal Brands provide the credibility for you to expand your partnerships and channels
  • Personal Brands provide more value and meaning to you and your business
  • Personal Brands drive customer engagement with a human voice
  • Personal Brands create the human face of an organization
  • Personal Brands drive awareness and pull the market to you
  • Personal Brands give you the ability to obtain a higher paying job and career position
  • Personal Brands elevate your ranking on Google and allow you to curate what people see online — everyone is being Googled!
  • Modern consumers trust people-led brands over organizations that tend to be faceless
  • Business owners create a higher valuation of a business that has a personal brand culture
  • Businesses attract and retain the best talent when each employee develops their personal brand and aligns it with the company’s brand
  • Businesses that have a brand-led culture (personal brands) have more routes to market. Each person is a channel to market
  • A Purpose-driven business model that includes people brands gains more market share

Option 1: You can trust sites like LinkedIn to communicate your Purpose and talents – alongside millions of other identical templates.

Option 2: The TRU Team can collaborate with you to discover your Brand DNA and design the unique Personal Brand that gives you a platform to amplify your voice in a way that is authentic to WHO you are and WHAT your Purpose is.

First, the TRU Team will have a Discovery meeting with you to crystallize your purpose and determine your Brand DNA. We will help you find out what drives you and what you want to accomplish in your community, business, industry, or even the world. Next, through close collaboration, we will help you decide on essential Brand Choices, from choosing a color palette that conveys who you are to the tone of your content for readers to truly hear your voice. Then you can give us the reigns, and we will build a website that perfectly fits your Personal Brand with SEO to help you get noticed. Finally, we will remain by your side as we continue to implement growth strategies that will keep your Personal Brand relevant and authentic as it continues to develop.

Personal branding is taking the brand assets you already have and capitalizing on them. It is the self-investigation, collaboration, and work that goes in when establishing an authentic Personal Brand. The TRU Team will help you discover your Purpose and connect it with the design, content, and growth strategies that will show the world WHO you are and WHAT you’re doing to make an impact.

Purpose FAQs

Many of us are familiar with Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, and your Purpose is very similar. Discovering and defining your Purpose goes a step further than finding your WHY.  We would further define Purpose, stating that it rises from a deeper DNA of who you are and what truly matters to you.  It is how you want to impact people, your business, a community, society, or even the world, not just why you do what you do.  

Most people have never asked themselves, “what truly matters to me?” Your Purpose is not limited to the work that you do. There is a Purpose theme that runs through every aspect of your life — how you treat others (friends, family, employees, clients), what you know for sure in life, your beliefs, values, what you find to be true and what matters.  Your Purpose or Why is not just a marketing branding line.  Once you land on it what it is, you feel it — there is an inner knowing.

Taking your “Why” to the next level means driving your Purpose through every aspect of the business model (brand, product, channel, sales.) Purpose-led companies gain more market share by pulling the market into your business.

Discovering your Purpose can change your life. It can help bring meaning to the work you do and the way you live your life. It brings power to your Personal Brand and drives it forward with an unstoppable force.

Most people want meaning in their lives. The accelerated pathway to success is by having a clear intention and seeing what you should be doing in life. Self-investigation is the first step in uncovering your Purpose. Whatever you desire in your life, a successful business, offering online courses that share knowledge and inspiration to others, career advancements, or actual global change, a defined Purpose is like a rutter that steers the ship. Purpose-driven individuals are the modern alchemists and true trailblazers in business and the world.

First and foremost, finding your authentic Purpose ignites your passion for the work you do. Clarifying and articulating your Purpose is what fuels creativity, your life, and your business. When you land on your true Purpose, you will know it. This energetic shift within yourself attracts and manifests your vision for your business. 

A defined Purpose provides more significant meaning to your brand’s work for you, your employees, and your clients. It gives you a deeper connection with the work you do while helping customers connect with your brand. Every day it impacts the work you and your employees do and how you feel about it. On a grand scale, it can impact your community, society, and even the world.

No! Purpose has more power and drives more fulfillment than a mission statement. A mission supports an external cause, while Purpose is an internal fuel that is transformative for all brands.

No! Your Purpose is what inspires your vision to grow. Your Purpose is the meaningful foundation for what you want to do and why. Your vision forms from this foundation and becomes the path you follow with Purpose.

No! Brand positioning is setting yourself apart from other brands and how you are seen in your client’s minds. Purpose builds a deeper connection with your clients, providing meaning to the work you do.

It deepens the connection and impact made among your customers/clients while giving employees greater fulfillment in their work. Reportedly, 75% of the upcoming workforce say they are motivated by making purposeful change. This makes defining your Purpose essential as a professional and personal brand to pave the way for future success.

Defining your authentic Purpose takes self-investigation and reflection. When you find it, you’ll know – it will align with everything you believe and work for. When you land on it, you will experience an inner knowing or “Aha!” moment.  The Discover process that we take people through goes through a series of questions and discussions that uncover’s your Purpose.

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