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Simple Put — We Create and Activate Personal Brands

Are you a change-maker, an entrepreneur, an author, a professional wanting to advance your career, a CEO, or a mom creating a positive impact for her child’s school?  Everyone is a brand and has a voice. You are a brand; whether you are profiting from it as a business or not, your personal brand exists. To be successful in today’s digital world, you need to show up online and have a profile that speaks to who you are, what you believe in, what you stand for, and what you are offering to the world.  You have the power to curate your online search results through a personal brand.

No longer do faceless brands run the world. Personal brands — people-brands — are becoming the driving force for global, societal, community, and business growth. It is no longer a B2B or B2C world; it is P2P. People do business with people — a human approach and emotional connection with your customers moves them to take action and elevates your success.


Whether having a Personal Brand is new to you or you are ready for our team to create and activate your brand, the first step is always an initial call.

Reach out to us to explore what a Personal Brand means for you.


There is a power, an almost unstoppable force, once your Purpose is clarified and driven through the whole of your business model. We not only start with your WHY, but we also take it to the next level — only then, it attracts your consumer and market share.


Once your vision, Purpose, and unique offerings are discovered, our team CREATES and ACTIVATES your brand and works with you on long-term growth strategies for accelerated GROWTH.

Achieve greater success with a Personal Brand.

Personal Brand Expertise at Your Service

Bringing Your Brand to Life.

We are a strategic personal brand-building agency that takes people on a journey of uncovering their personal brand assets and setting them up to monetize their expertise and passion.

Explore what all this means for you.

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Personal Brand Learning

Knowledge empowerment is the quickest path to accelerated growth and impact.  We wholeheartedly believe in the POWER OF KNOWING.

Online Courses and Masterclasses

Purpose-Driven Brands Attract More Market Share

Business owners need to change their mindset to the 21st-century modern era and start including people-brands alongside their company brand. We are now in the WHO era, and it is all about providing a human connection and speaking to your customer or community from an emotional standpoint. People want to know if the brand’s beliefs and values align with their own.

Personal brands allow people to connect with you and your employees. Defining your PURPOSE (your WHY) is the first step. What do you want to be known for?

Purpose-led companies and people brands gain more market share and raise the equity evaluation of the company.

Victoria Marasco - Personal Brand Philosophy

Who Should Build a Personal Brand and Why?

Who?  Just About Everyone

  • Those professionals on a career path
  • Start-up companies wanting to gain more market share, quicker
  • People starting a new business and wanting faster growth
  • Entrepreneurs
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Senior Level Management
  • All employees of an organization
  • Thought-leaders
  • Change-makers, those with a larger cause as a Purpose
  • Business owners
  • Knowledge brokers with online courses
  • Authors and creative types
  • Celebrities
  • And, of course, influences
  • Have we missed anyone? Yes, all college students, wanting to achieve greatness in their lives.

Why depend on a templated LinkedIn profile to share who you are.  There are currently over 500 million people on LinkedIn.  Create a personal brand profile that is unique to you and stands out above the millions of other people.

Why?  The Benefits Gained

  • Personal Brands provide the credibility for you to expand your partnerships and channels
  • Personal Brands provide more value and meaning to you and your business
  • Personal Brands drive customer engagement with a human voice
  • Personal Brands create the human face of an organization
  • Personal Brands drive awareness and pull the market to you
  • Personal Brands give you the ability to obtain a higher paying job and career position
  • Personal Brands elevate your ranking on Google and allow you to curate what people see online — everyone is being Googled!
  • Modern consumers trust people-led brands over organizations that tend to be faceless
  • Business owners create a higher valuation of a business that has a personal brand culture
  • Businesses attract and retain the best talent when each employee develops their personal brand and aligns it with the company’s brand
  • Businesses that have a brand-led culture (personal brands) have more routes to market. Each person is a channel to market
  • A Purpose-driven business model that includes people brands gains more market share

Personal Brands Lead In Brand Power

Discover your Purpose.    Create your Brand.    Accelerate your Impact.

Personal Brand Case Studies

Why Work With Us?

We understand how busy you are so we take care of everything for you. 

Many people want to have a high-profile personal brand but do not know where to start. That is where the TRU team comes in — our step-by-step process begins with a DISCOVER phase, then, for the most part, we are self-sufficient and we build your brand while you do what you do best.

Hear From Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

Some Kind Words from Our Clients

“Cultivating Authentic Perspectives”

You cultivate unique, authentic perspectives for businesses and personal brands. Not what we would all expect it to be,
but what the world needs.

You help us cultivate
the diversity of our own perspectives.

Jennifer Searles

Jennifer Searles – CEO
Veritas Impact Partners – Nonprofit

“They gave me
my Voice”

What I had before was a house of cards, always falling down. I avoided sending people to my website!
Now, we built and are executing a business plan together that resonates with my message.
I couldn’t put a price on our partnership.

Michael Fenster MD

Micheal Fenster, MD – Founder
Chef Dr. Mike

“Captured my Purpose
and Vision”

They were able to create my personal brand website which allowed me a place to expressing my personal purpose and create content that is important to me. Victoria’s team brought me through an excellent process to identify my personal purpose and put the structure around things I would have gotten stuck on. Their work is aesthetically beautiful and functional. The design is clean. I would highly recommend Victoria and TruBrand for anyone who is looking to capture their purpose and create a digital brand that matches their vision.

Michael Fenster MD

Damon Finaldi – President

“They’ve given me a
roadmap to
my personal brand.”

I run a company, so my online profile has always been industry-specific. I wasn’t tapping into my own personal beliefs and brand.

They helped me develop a website and content strategy so I can talk about my passions outside of my industry.

You can lean on Victoria’s team to help you grow your personal brand.

Vincent Finaldi

Vincent Finaldi – Vice President

We Create and Activate Personal Brands

Get in touch with us today, and together, we will zero in on your authentic personal brand, clarify your purpose, and create growth strategies to monetize your passion.

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